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Which Used Audi RS to buy

Posted by on January 3, 2018

I am looking into buying a used Audi RS car. The reason being is that my previous two cars have both been Audis and they have served me so well I feel a certain degree of loyalty to only drive them. I am now looking to upgrade to an RS version, I have always liked fast cars so thought I would go for Audi’s highest performance ‘top tier’ trim level. Not only are they high performance they contain Audis latest and most advanced technology with the interiors being well-furnished in order to retain the feel of sport luxury.

The first RS I looked at was the Audi RS3, this baby has a 335bhp backed up by an immense torque spread with fantastic grip and traction, the car is as gorgeous on the outside and it is on the inside with an epic interior quality and generous equipment list. Considering this car is significantly more than the standard A3 you don’t get the visuals or the noise you would expect from its sporty predecessor. The noise is much quieter than the TT RS and even with the optional sport mode which opens the exhaust system it’s still half as loud as I would have liked. The visuals aren’t too dissimilar from the A3 just a deeper front bumper, 19-inch alloy wheels and a roof spoiler being the obvious changes.RS3-1_1844532b


The Audi RS4 is the next RS I considered, this car is only available in the estate version and is powered by a 444bhp 4.2- litre V8 that used the famous Quattro transmission, with a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox, and this car has enough space for the family and their luggage which makes it a capable and desirable vehicle. Like the RS3 it comes with 19-inch alloy wheels and has the same dynamic steering and sports exhaust, you can expect the RS4 to be expensive to run with large tax bill, fuel, insurance and parts.

The Audi RS5 like the RS4 comes complete with a 444bhp 4.2-litre V8 which drives on all four wheels with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. This car is fully capable in all weather conditions. This car provides you with incredible grip and acceleration and as with all Audi’s has quality interior with loads of technology to have a play with. This car can hit speeds of 0-62mh in a whopping 4.6 seconds. This car unlike the RS4 is available in the coupe version and not just limited to the estate.


The Audi RS6 has a very expensive price tag but does give you a V10 engine with 572bh like the RS4 it’s only available in an estate and they have packed a supercar performance into a practical family wagon. The RS6 comes with a six-speed tiptronic semi-auto four wheel drive transmission and can reach a top speek of 155mph. It doesn’t boast the best economy values with 20.1 mpg making it not only being a very expensive car but also with, high insurance, fuel and parts cost.

For me, I think I would be looking to buy the Audi RS3, it’s more sportier in comparison to the estate versions RS4 and RS6 and I’m guessing if you’re wanting to make the upgrade to the RS version you will want it to look sporty as well as feel like it. I wouldn’t exactly say any of them are like a traditional sports car but if you are looking for a vehicle with gadgets, loud exhaust, reliable, power that can adequately fit a family then look no further than any of the 4 described.

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