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Subaru Impreza

Posted by on July 24, 2014

Past models of the Subaru Impreza have had the tendency to be really fast, really expensive, and reserved for a more elite group of buyers who could afford them. The newer model has been designed to appeall to the masses. The firm is now offering sturdy saloons and estates that boast many of the qualities that buyers are seeking. Qualities that include all-wheel drive capabilities, easy handling and excellent build quality.

Subaru is often associated with its fast car the Impreza. Upon closer inspection buyers will discover that there’s more to the Impreza than that. Subaru is known for building cars that last a lifetime. This reputation has been built on the fact that the Japanese car maker’s products always score well above average in reliability, durability and customer satisfaction. It is because of these consistent qualities that the lesser performing Impreza’s should be considered. They share almost identical styling features as their rally-replica counterparts. They share the same build quality and deliver the same ride, only at a slower pace. The Impreza Sports Wagon offers buyers a rugged compact load lugger. The car benefits from all-wheel drive, but offers good insurance rates and fuel economy. Running costs are higher than for a mainstream car, but with greater longevity and standard all-wheel drive.


The Impreza is affordable, well equipped and reliable. The Impreza is a very practical purchase. On the downside, the car is thirsty and offers short servicing intervals. The car’s residual values remain firm. The Impreza is on the compact side and boasts only modest amounts of cabin space. Items can be carried in the back of the car for convenience. Legroom is limited as could be expected in a car this size. The main dials and controls are large enough and easy to read. The steering, gearshift and pedals are also easy to operate. The minor controls to the right of the steering wheel could have been better designed, but other than that it is all functional and well laid out. Subaru’s sports seats are comfortable and supportive. They may not be as comfortable for larger passengers. The cabin is compact, but will hold two adults comfortably with good head and legroom. Rear legroom is limited. Cabin noise has successfully been suppressed even at higher speeds. The Impreza provides good access for front seat passengers. The doors open wide and access is good for a compact car. Rear access is more limited with smaller doors and less cabin room once inside. Accessing the car’s load bay is simple, as the tailgate doesn’t require much effort to raise or lower. The Impreza’s steering is light at low speeds making it fairly easy to maneuver the car while parking. Being four-wheel drive, the Impreza’s ability to make a tight turn is somewhat limited. All-in-all not too difficult to park.

 Life Style

The 2.0-litre R models can be a lot of fun to drive briskly. The four-wheel drive system adds a higher level of safety, while supple suspension, direct steering and a smooth gearchange complete the experience. The Impreza would make an ideal car for a growing family. Its compact size will allow it to navigate easily through town and crowded streets. The Wagon’s ability to carry strollers, shopping, and other odd sized packages will come in handy as well. With rear space limited, it is more suited to accommodate children than adults. The down side is the car’s fuel economy. Fuel could prove costly for a family on a budget. This is not likely to be the choice of most first car buyers. Running coists are too high, servicing costs are high, and insurance rates are higher than average as well. The car is easy enough to drive, it will just prove to be too costly for most novice drivers. Impreza boasts quite a respectable image. The Impreza brand has a loyal following from the turbo models to the slower cars. Some of the reasons for this following include good dealer service, excellent reliability, solid residuals and the benefits of permanent four-wheel drive. The car’s quality has had some trouble keeping up with the likes of Ford and Vauxhall.

 Security and Safety

 The standard specification on all cars  is remote central locking and deadlocks, a Thatcham category one alarm and engine immobiliser. It mayy be wise to invest in a visual deterrent as well. Driver and front passenger airbags are a welcome sight on the Impreza’s list of standard equipment, but the base 2.0R estate model doesn’t receive side airbags. The car also comes with anti-lock brakes and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.

  The Finishing Touches

 The only difference between the 2.0 and faster 2.5-litre cars is the inclusion of two extra speakers for the 2.5-litre version. The radio and CD unit is easy to operate, and delivers decent sound quality. Most exterior colours work well on the Impreza. Red is not very common, but looks very flattering. Silver and black are more traditional executive colours, but don’t look as good. Inside silver dominates the cabin, and although the quality of the plastics used has been improved the result isn’t as good as the quality of rivals. can’t match its rivals.


 With so many compact load luggers around, the Impreza may have trouble competing. Buyers loyal to the brand may even be hard pressed to justify buying the Impeaza over other brands. With no diesel option and modest service intervals, the car costs a little more than average to run. There are positives though, it is a practical, versatile and stylish car.


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