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Robbers Use Cayenne As Battering Ram

Posted by on September 16, 2013

A group of armed robbers in Sydney have used a Porsche Cayenne to smash through the wall of a bank in broad daylight.

The masked criminals crashed the 4×4 into the ATM machine outside Westpac bank.

It caused the building’s outer wall to collapse, allowing the men to enter the bank with weapons – namely baseball bats and sledgehammers – and extort an unknown amount of cash.

Leaving the damaged Cayenne behind, the thieves reportedly emerged with a bag each and then made their escape in a Subaru saloon. The car was ready and waiting outside for them with a getaway driver at the wheel.

An eyewitness who was working across the street had this to say: “I saw it go through the window, and came out just as two guys jumped out of the car.

“Everyone was just shocked.

“You don’t really see this every day in the CBD on a Friday.

“But it’s Friday the 13th.”

The Porsche Cayenne has remained at the scene, but will soon be removed for forensic tests.

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