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My favourite Second Hand Peugeot

Posted by on January 3, 2018

My last 2 cars have been Peugeot and they’ve all been great, never seems to fail its MOT or have any major problems and I don’t think I’ll buy anything else now. I’ve stray away from the Peugeots in the past and then regretted and have always come back. I have given my low down on a few of the different Peugeots available which could suit your needs.

The Peugeot 308 is the first car I considered and comes in very efficient diesel engines with a large boot so it’s the perfect car for a family and rivals the likes of the Second Hand Ford Focus. The 308 has a soft suspension setup so it’s comfortable to drive so perfect for them long journeys, the engine is also economical and cheap to run. The downsides with 308 is that it’s not as fun to drive as some of the other rivals in its particular class and the reliability is questionable, I also feel like the interior could be of better quality too.


Next up is the Peugeot 5008, this is a very accomplished MPV and competes with the likes of the Citroen grand C4 Piccasso. In my opinion the 5008 is more stylist than most of the cars in its class, not only that but it’s nice to drive has high quality interior and is a comfortable ride and offers generous boot space. The 5008 is a people carrier that’s very practical for the family the only thing letting it down is that it’s not as efficient as some of its rivals and the rear seats can feel a bit cramped

If I was in the market for a realistic not too over the top sports car then there’s no doubt in my mind that I would for the Peugeot RCZ. There are not many cars on the road which can match these head-turning good looks, its stylish and a very futuristic looking car and it’s aimed to rival the Audi TT. The RCZ is cheaper than its rival and not only is it great to drive, it’s also comfortable and relatively cheap to run and competitively priced. This car isn’t great if there are more than two of you as the back seats are tiny but the front feels fairly spacious. The RCZ does have expensive options if you want to upgrade and unfortunately isn’t as prestigious as the Audi TT.



Lastly the Used Peugeot 3008, this car is a compact crossover and rivals cars such as the Used Kia Sportage. The 3008 is based on more practicality than it is style. It has a big 4×4 exterior combined with a spacious and versatile interior and the driving capabilities of a family hatchback. The 3008 has a well-built interior and has a great efficient diesel engine. The low spec model does however have low kit levels and the rear visibility is fairly limited, the 3008 does I feel look a bit dated compared to its rivals I feel.

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