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Mercedes Benz E-Class

Posted by on July 24, 2014

Mercedes Benz E-Class

 Many offerings in the E-Class focus on sporty appeal, but the elegant-looking Mercedes’ E-Class is geared more toward comfort. The car has received several enhancements and now has even more to offer.

 The E-Class exterior boasts clean lines and has a very appealing look. This car is often seen as a choice for mature buyers who aren’t looking for anything risky or exciting. The E-Class is definitely delivers a comfortable ride. Designers were eager to make a few enhancements and broaden the car’s appeal but not at the expense of comfort or refinement. They sharpened the car’s responses so that it provided a better driving experience. By the time the designers had finished, the E-Class boasted over 2,000 changes. The enhancements were mostly under the skin and to the interior. By looking at the E-Class’ exterior it is difficult to pinpoint any external changes with the exception of the car’s bumpers, headlamps, and some trimming. The car’s steering has been improved and suspension changes have produced a note worthy change for the better. The car is now more capable of satisfying the needs of enthusiastic drivers while still catering to comfort. The car is also much safer than before and gives buyers a choice of several engine options.


 The E-Class comes with a high level of standard equipment. It is now more of a bargain than previous models. There are still many expensive cost options to choose from. Resale values should remain high, and opting for the diesel engine will give improved fuel economy. Cabin space in the E-Class is good, and four adults should be able to ride with plenty of room. Head and legroom is good in the front and headroom is good in the back with legroom largely dependent on the size of the front seat passengers.The car’s boot is large and can accommodate a decent load. The car’s displays are logically set up and easy to use. The car’s trip computer comes in handy and doubles as a display for the car’s sat-nav system. The car’s basic functions are duplicated on the steering wheel for driver convenience. The E-Class provides an extremely comfortable ride. Engine and road noise are successfully minimized, and the cabin is spacious with supportive yet comfortable seats. Accessibility to the front seats is excellent. Thanks to the large door openings most passengers should easily be able to access the front seats. Access to the rear seats is also good but somewhat more limited. Very few people should have difficulty accessing the rear seats. The boot is also easily accessible and shouldn’t pose any problems.  The car is large but it is not too difficult to park. The car’s steering is light at low speeds, and the car provides good all-round visibility. The car’s side mirrors are large and provide a ggod view of the car’s rear.

 Life Style

 Improvements to the E-Class include changes to the car’s suspension and steering, which has resulted in a more balanced and rewarding driving experience. The car comes with a selection of new or revised engines and transmissions. Many cars get a seven-speed auto gearbox. The E-Class could easily accommodate a family. It is spacious enough and delivers a good quality ride. The upholstery may not hold up well to grungy fingers and other abuse that children can dish out. The E-Class is expensive to buy and run, and even if a new driver could afford the car it is not likely to embody many of the attributes that attract younger or more novice drivers. The E-Class is an easy car to drive but is pricy to maintain and insure. The E-Class is quality built with high quality cabin materials. The E-Class tends to be less sporty than the competition but delivers a higher rate of elegance and refinement.

 Security and Safety

 Mecedes are always high on a thieves priority list. That’s why the car comes equipped with an engine immobiliser and a security alarm system. Of course, a tracking device may be an option worthy of the additional price. Remote central locking is also a standard feature. The car features a full array of airbags, electronic traction and stability aides, with the inclusion as standard of Pre-Safe, a system that effectively braces a car for an impact.

 The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit delivers an excellent sound quality and the systems basic features are duplicated on the steering wheel. A lengthy list of options are available and are costly yet very tempting. The car’s exterior looks best in dark metallic colors. The car’s interior looks more flattering in lighter colors. Dark colors and wood trim will be a popular choice for many buyers as well.


 The E-Class gives buyers a more refined elegant alternative to the sportier competition. The car has improved past imperfections and now has a lot more to offer buyers in terms of quality and refinement.


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