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BMW 6 Series

Posted by on July 23, 2014

The BMW’s 6 Series is making some serious waves with its new body style. Although many are giving the rakish new style the thumbs up, others are not as pleased. The new 6 is still smooth and just as competent as previous models. The head turning BMW has a bold fresh style, people either seem to love it or really dislike it. Either way, there is no denying the same great quality that has become a trademark of the BMW brand. The outside may look radically different, but the interior has the same familiar features of other BMW’s. The interior controls are easy to use and practical, although there aren’t many controls to figure out. This is due to BMW’s new iDrive system. The system requires a bit of practice in order to become truly competent using the system. The car travels well for a 6 Series. The 3.0-litre variant never wants for power and the car has a lot of pep for a touring vehicle. There are other engine options available for the buyer who wants even more get up and go.


 This is not a cheap car, and all of the extras will add to the already steep price tag. Insurance will run high due to the car’s premium grouping, and fuel will costly as well. The 6 is more of a two-seater, rear riding adults will not fit easily and will not be comfortable even for short distances. Gaining access to the backseat can be a chore, and once in; head and legroom are sparse. The rear seats would better accommodate children than adults. The boot is a pretty good size and would be able to accommodate a couple of smaller cases. The BMW’s iDrive is standard in the 6 Series. This system makes using the controls much easier. Reading the instruction manual first will lessen the frustration of mastering the iDrive system. A large color display screen is included and works well with the optional sat-nav system. Stereo controls are duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience. Front seat passengers have good head and legroom. The front seats adjust for comfort and boast numerous settings and positions. Rear passengers have minimal head and legroom. Most of the niceties and creature comforts cater strictly to front seat passengers. Thanks to really large doors access to the front seats is very easy, but the front seats sit fairly low and may pose a challenge when getting out. Gaining access to the rear seats is much more difficult, climbing over folded down seats into a cramped area. This can prove to be a difficult task for many adults. The 6 Series is a large car and parking it can be difficult. The driver sits down low which makes it difficult to judge distance in the front and the rear of the car making parking sensors a must. This car will require adequate space to park, including enough room to open the large front doors.

 Life Style

 The 6 Series has good driver appeal. The 6 cylinder car has a lot of get up and go for a large car. It drives well around town and on the open-road. It has firm suspension, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. This car was not designed to be a family car at all. It could be used for a starter car for a family with small children, but loading and unloading from the backseat may prove to be somewhat difficult. This car would not make a good first car. It is too large and a novice driver may not be able to handle the car’s power much less be able to navigate the large vehicle successfully down a crowded roadway. The 6 is an expensive vehicle and is not cheap to insure either, it would not be a good choice for a new driver. The 6 has a commanding presence and impressive looks. It is difficult to find many faults with this car. BMW has managed to produce another quality vehicle with unique traits that catches the buyer’s eye. This car is all about image proudly and boldly displaying the BMW badge.

 Security and Safety

 The 6 Series attracts a lot of attention and that can mean trouble. BMW has equipped the 6 with an alarm and an immobilizer system to help deter theft. The car also comes with remote central locking, and other security options can be added. A tracking device would be a great idea as an add-on. The 6 Series didn’t skimp when it comes to safety. It is complete with air bags, electronic stabilizing devices, and other safety devices can be added on if desired.


The Finishing Touches

 The standard stereo unit is of excellent quality, and produces good sound quality. There are many upgrades available such as more powerful stereo systems, CD players, sat-nav system, and many other options. Dark colors are much more flattering on the 6 Series, mainly because they do a better job of masking it’s odd shape, I much prefer the shape of the BMW 5 Series. Black looks best and compliments the chrome trim. Dark trim is also more complimentary on the interior as well. Black leather is recommended in the interior cabin to complete the car’s classy style.


 Even if you don’t like the cars exterior looks, it is hard not to be impressed with its driving capabilities and interior design. The cars horsepower is more than sufficient, and although the car is limited in rear seating space, it does have decent boot space.

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